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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Oh to be working in Res Life Again!

So, I'm here on beautiful TNU's campus and am remembering my days at IWU. I am thinking on how quickly the time has gone by since being in college. I am really am missing those carefree days when all there was to worry about was the next exam and whether I would pass my upper divisionals or not. I love the whole student campus feel. The desire for academia and all night talks about life and love and all that jazz. Those all you can eat buffets (feeding troughs) really helped me grow out of my lovely pre-college figure. Like, "Oh my gosh, I am no longer a hot 130 pound heart throb." I guess life will go on. I do miss it though. Maybe someday I will get back to getting on a college campus full time. I would be a professional student if I could be, but I am already over my head in college debt. That's one of those things I like to forget about! Anyways, to all of those college aged kids and those older than those, my heart goes out to you. I wish that I could join you. Enjoy these days!


Blogger Josh and Cammie Delph said...

Megan McKee! This is Cammie Delph!! I found you! And your husband! I want to hear from you. Josh and I both. Email me - . Can't wait to hear from you!!

2:04 PM  
Blogger Holly said...

Hey Megan!
Holly Grate here. Found your blog somehow tonight. Funny because we were at Andrea's wedding this weekend. There were cute pics of you Andrea and Nicole (legs). I always thought those were so cute! Glad to see your blog - the last one about your job was hysterical! Check out our blog at

7:36 PM  

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