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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Never ever ever eat the forbidden fruit again...

Ok, so I was home yesterday and today (doctor's orders) sufferring the cause of a food allergy I didn't know existed for me. As I was hitting the Chinese buffet last weekend, I spotted a delicious fruit just waiting for me to mow. Little did I realize, as I was wolfing down this delicious fruit, juice dripping off my lips and chin, savoring each juicy bite, I would soon regret this delicacy. When visiting my doctor for big puffy lips and face red and swollen, (convinced I had contracted some rare disease) I absent-mindedly ran down the list of foods that I had eaten the previous few days. I was convinced that my doctor would find no food alergy--my stomach is made of iron. I decided I would consider her a fool for telling me I was allergic to any such thing. I came upon listing, "mango," and she stopped me in my tracks. Evidently the skin of the evil fruit has a sap that causes little 'ole me to puff up like a pink marshmallow. Since I was slobbering all over pieces that still had the skin on, I was exposed to the heinous SAP! Evidently the mango that you get in a can or in juices will not have the sap on them, so my previously eaten mangos had never resulted in such tragedy. My doc said that I could try mangos again if I had someone to peel them for me, in which I responded with a resounding, "Heck no!" I would be CRAZY to go through this mess again. However, my more daring side sometimes gets the best of me. So when I get the urge for some of the tropical delishiousness, I'll have to call for my honey...But I am sure to believe and am now convinced(this is "Megan's Philosophy") that mangos are definitely the forbidden fruit the Good Book talks about...I wonder what Adam and Eve looked like after...


Blogger Matt said...

You me.....CAN"T YOU SEEEEEEEE!!!! You're everything i hoooopped for...EEEEEVERRRYYYTHING i are so me......Isn't my wife AWESOME!! and a pretty good writer too!

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