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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Life's a beach

So, I know now the reason that I moved to Florida....Again....
The glorious sugar sanded beaches!!!! Oh how wonderful the salty water tastes and how liberating it is to find sneaky hitch-hiking sand in all the body crevices and the warmth of the blotchy red sun-burn I received from the all too welcoming Florida sun. By the way, does the sun burn you more in Florida? I'm sure I have never in my life gotten so burned in all my years in laying out in the sun for say 10 minutes! They need to tell all the whitey's (wait, but since I got sun-burned am I now a pinkie?) out there the caution of being out in the sun during noon day--oh wait, I forgot, I already knew that. But anyways, the glorious beach. It was refreshing to go out there on my day off yesterday. However, I did not enjoy the translucent purple-ish blob with evil tentacles that I encountered at the beach yesterday. After I let out a blood-curdling scream, I realized I could back away slowly and no one would get hurt. On a side note, am I not a local yet if I still tag along my camera every where I go down here? It's a mystery...


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