Meg's Mishaps

Monday, October 16, 2006


Yeah, so I survived the reunion. I can actually say that it was a pleasant experience. Hey, no pun intended! It was nice. So great to see some friends that I have lost touch with. Interesting indeed, how life takes us down some fun and interesting roads. Some people there I never would have expected to end up the way they did. No judgment coming from this woman, though. I certainly never expected to have eaten my way all the way up to twice my size from high school. So, I have NO room to talk! Today was a fun day of spending time with my darling, HOT husband. He is so patient with me and all the errands that I love to take him on throughout the day! He must not have had a too bad of time since he took me to Starbucks! What an angel he is from above! I do adore him with everything that I am. He is a keeper for sure! Well, that be it for now, muchkins. Catch you later...


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